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March 2024
영어 원서 Online 스피킹 Group Class Registration 
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Coffee and Reading

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​"재밌게 소설책을 읽으며

vocabulary를 배우고

이야기도 하며 

아주 재밌었어요.

수강생 후기

Morning Coffee

Please note that by registering and paying for this course, you agree and accept the terms and conditions below

1. There will be no refund/partial refund after the tuition fee is paid.

2. There will be no make up class for any late/no show/same day cancellation/any missed classes. 

3. All books/materials are not included in the tuition fee. 

4. You agree to read/purchase the book in advance and be ready for a group discussion. 

5. Join the class on time in a quiet space (online).

6. Be respectful to other students and instructors. 

Course Preview

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